Transmission Service in Tracy CA

Transmission Service in Tracy CA

Transmission Service in Tracy CAIs your old transmission slipping or making noises? Call EEE – Transmission Service in Tracy CA at (209) 248-0055 and get certified repairs and maintenance today!

It’s very important that a car’s Transmission always receive a proper service of maintenance. There are many issues that can be affecting a transmission. By understanding each common transmission problem, each issue can be repaired quickly and efficiently by a skilled mechanic. This is important because failure to use maintenance services quickly can lead to major problems that will require costly repairs and pricey replacement parts. At EEE we understand how to repair all transmission problems. Whether it needs repairs, maintenance, or replacements, we’ve got you covered!

Common Issues That Effect A Transmission:

We provide certified Transmission Service in Tracy CA for all Transmission problems. Common Transmission issues will have different affects on your car, but they all require professional services. These problems include:

  • Dirty Transmission Fluid In some cases, the transmission fluid could have issues; it may be contaminated. Contamination is caused by the radiator coolant entering the transmission. This issue, however, does not happen often; it is called cross-contamination.
  • Leaks One of the most common problems is a leak or low fluid levels. Low fluid levels are caused by a leak in the transmission. There are seals in the driveshaft and the transmission; the leaks occur because one of these components may be faulty.
  • Torque Converter Issues The torque converter is responsible for helping automatic cars stop and idle without shutting off. When this piece is damaged you could find your car stalling or turning off every time you come to a stop or traffic light. Similarly grinding noises are another sign of damage.
  • Slipping If you find that your car is running through the various speeds but not stopping at each one you could have a slipping issue. This generally occurs when the gears within your transmission are old and worn. This will require replacement parts in order to function properly.

Any time you feel any type of issue or lack of functionality in your transmission, getting professional services is imperative. Our trained technicians can diagnose the situation and provide you with efficient maintenance and repair services to get your transmission back up and running in no time.


When a transmission is damaged, the signs are very clear. However, most car owners who have no general car knowledge will not know how to pinpoint what is causing the problem. This is why professional services are needed. Car owners, however, should learn the common signs, so that they will know when professional services are needed.

One of the more common indicators is loud noises that occur when the car shifts gears. Another sign that means that the transmission is damaged involves the engine. If the engine winds up without gear changes, the transmission has shifting issues. Car owners should always listen carefully because most transmission problems will generate various sounds.

An issue with your transmission could be a dangerous situation and create a safety hazard when driving. If you find that any of these issues are present in your vehicle give our mechanics a call. We can provide you with thorough diagnostic services and help you with efficient and professional repair services today.


When you’re looking for affordable alternatives to auto repairs, our staff is here to help. Transmissions are an imperative part of your car and should always be handled by a professional. If you suspect your car has any transmission issue, trust in our certified mechanics to help you without breaking the bank. We provide service to all major makes and models.

If transmission issues are keeping you off the road in Tracy, CA? Call EEE at (209) 248-0055 and get industry leading transmission service in Tracy CA