3 Signs To Know When To Check Your Brakes

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When commuting everyday, it’s easy to forget about the maintenance of your vehicle. Most people tend to forget that they completely rely on their brakes when driving. Checking your brakes is very important and today I will tell you 3 signs that let you know that you need your brakes checked and possibly replaced.

Lets get to know the most common brake system.disc brake

Disc Brakes – A friction system using a wheel brake to slow the rotation of the automobiles wheels; brake pads are pushed against the brakes rotor with a set of calipers

  1. Brake Pads – steel backing plates used in disk brakes; friction material is bound to the surface facing the rotor and is usually made of ceramic, metal or other hard-wearing composite materials
  2. Brake Rotor – cast iron brake disc connected to wheel and/or axle; sometimes made of reinforced carbon-carbon, ceramic matrix or other composite
  3. Caliper – a device on which brake pads and pistons are mounted

Okay great! Now 3 Signs That You Need Your Brakes Checked


  1. Squeaking – Brakes often get moist over night after sitting outside without being driven. If squeaking becomes common than it is highly recommended to have your brakes checked. Another reason why your brakes will squeak is because there is rust on your rotors or your brake pads are becoming thin and they need to be replaced. In rare occasions, your brake system might need lubrication and this will resolve your brake squeaks.
  2. Grinding – If you hear grinding sounds coming from your brakes, in most cases, its time to replace some brake components. When you have your brakes checked by an certified mechanic, they will let you know if your rotors are warped or if your brake pads are gone (metal to metal grinding).
  3. ABS Light – If your dashboard ABS light comes on, it means there is a fault condition somewhere in your brake system. Having low brake fluid can also cause the ABS light to come on. Your light can also come on if there is a bad sensor.


It’s important to have your brakes checked every 5 to 10k miles. Don’t put yourself or others at risk by having a faulty and worn brake system.


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